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cooking class

genuine tastes

A day dedicated to the Apulian cuisine and its traditions.

Tour starts with the visit of the mill, where the miller shows  the secrets of wheat and pasta.

You will able to learn to distinguish tender wheat and hard wheat,

and you will able to taste the difference between the two types of wheat flour.

After tour, cooking lesson will start. During lesson, you can see how making at home traditional apulian dishes like  friselles and orecchiette pasta.  Later, all homemade product will be cooked into an old oven; when they are ready, a taste will be organised with other typical dishes.

olive oil tasting

harvest e production

A day dedicated to the olive oils and theirs secrets.

During this experience, you will learn to analyze and to recognize the specific characteristics of extra virgin olive oils .The tour starts with a short walk through the centuries-old olive groves where you will able to see and discover the characteristics olive trees and theirs fruits. Continuing itinerary,  you will visit the olive mill to see all the phase of the transformation process. In addition, you will take part to a specific olive oil tasting session and learning all the organoleptic characteristics of the best extra virgin olive oils .

The visit will finish with a tasting of homemade local products.

handmade soap

how making cosmetics by olive oil

This experience starts with a short explanation about cosmetic ingredients

and the importance of olive oil in cosmetics.

Later, a visit of the farm to understand the harvesting cycle of olives; moreover, you will discover the property and uses of some medicinal plants.

At the end of tour, there is the course of saponification where everyone will learn how to make handmade soap, using your favourite mould and aromas.

the dairyman

from milk to mozzarella

A day dedicated to milk and theirs products.

The dairyman will show both milk property and milk producing

He will create the kneaded-curd cheese, making little and tasty mozzarellas.

Obviously, you will taste all products of dairyman with other homemade local products.

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