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Masseria Tinelli is an old farmhouse that produces and sells high quality extra virgin olive oil and flour of several wheat varieties.


Tinelli's estate olive grove has an area of ten hectares on hills in the inland of Itria's valley.

Everyday, Masseria Tinelli’s team works to reach an high quality extravirgin olive oil.

The varieties grown are: Cima di Mola , Nociana and Leccino, all tipical of Itria's Valley.

The olives are handpicked while still green: they are immediately pressed in the plant located inside Tinelli estate. The anticipate harvest and the special care puts during all the phases of the process emphasize and give the excellent quality of this extravirgin olive oil , aim of Tinelli's  firm. Tinelli oil aim is rappresented by the research of high quality products and safety for customers . Earlier harvesting at the beginning of november, which reduces the yield,

improved the tasting characteristics and the colour of the oil.

Processing the olives with a new olive press, located in the center of tinelli estate, reduces the cost of transport and eliminates the await between picking and pressing to assure the real extravirgin olive oil production.

The procedure includes  two different phase: the olives are whashed in water and separated from leaves and debris,

they are reduced to a paste by a hammer press,

passing to further pressing at body temperature and separated from west residue. Following this phase the oil is ready.

The extravirgin olive oil resulted has 0.2 level of acidity and 3.4 level of peroxide, a green olive oil with yellow gold highlights, the bouquet is intensely perfumed with hints of vegetables.

It hits the palate with bitter hints , then leave a long harmonious and spicy finish.

Moreovere, the Masseria Tinelli, thanks to its mill, produces flour and semolina

by different hard and tender wheat, spelt, oats and Khorasan and by the reserch of disused old variety.


Processing the wheat with an old wheat mill of the 1950’ with only four breakages allowed to obtain semolina or flour of type one unrefined rich in mineral , protein, ashed and fibers.

The Masseria Tinelli is involved in the promotion and disclosure of local traditions for adults and children.

They can take part cooking classes, evo oil taste, soap lessons, excursions and other experience. ​

Moreover, Masseria Tinelli is also accomodation; it has trullo houses and apartments.

“Masseria Tinelli farmhouse is not just product, but a mix of traditions and tastes”

Nunzia is the "Masseria Tinelli" owner.

She will be happy to host you and to give you an unique holiday.

Her contacts are: 


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